Online Men's Health Clinic for the treatment and diagnosis of Erectile Dysfunction.

Got ED?
Step 1: Learn about your options

Our patients come to us anxious, but end up very satisfied.

There is no medical "cure"
however there is great treatment to prolong your sex life and prevent/delay more invasive treatment.

1. Local GP/Other online service: A generic approach.

2. Our Online Service: Patients usually wish they started with Treo sooner. We provide you customised medication just for you prescribed by our men's health doctor. This means we can create medication at the best dose for you, that is, a dose that is the lowest dose and frequency that will safely give you great results.

Step 2: Complete 5 minute assessment and have medication sent to you in 3 business days!

To get started and receive medication within 3 business days:

1. Click 'Get Started'. The assessment takes 5 minutes. This will tell us the severity of your ED.
2. Doctor reviews your assessment.
3. Medication will be sent to you in a discreet package via express post.
4. Keep us updated on your results so we can adjust your medication.

Is this for you and what are the goals of treatment?

You are likely to require ED treatment if...

- are finding some difficulty in gaining or maintaining an erection.

- want harder and longer lasting erections - anytime of the day.
- want sex spontaneously without having to time medication.
- are starting to a see a reduction in sexual function.
experiencing premature ejaculation
- have tried other medical treatments that have are ineffective

Here are the Treo ED goals of treatment:

1. Gain and maintain an erection hard enough for penetration (usually in under a week) - using the safest medication with the least side effects.
2. Prolong your sex life and prevent worsening of ED
3. Delay invasive treatment for as long as possible (like injections into the penis prior to sex)
4. Accessible communication with a doctor via text/SMS for any concerns throughout your program.
5. Best value for money and convenience. Meaning plenty of medication and less hassle going to the doctor for repeat scripts.
6. Any changes or increase in dosage in medication is free of charge.

What kind of medication is it, what are the side effects?

What kind of medication does Treo deliver to you?

- As everyone has different needs and severity, there is no one size fits all medication for ED
- Treo have access to a range of Australian, TGA Approved PDE5 Inhibitors, compounds and other modalities and will always choose the one that is most suited for you based on our Doctor's recommendation.

Side Effects of Treatment

The medication our doctor prescribes has very few adverse effects and is often really well tolerated. Usually transient and decrease with continued use. Here are the numbers:

Occasionally happens for a short time (>1% of patients) mild headache lasting 3–8 hours, back pain (unrelated to physical activity), muscle aches

Uncommon (0.1–1% of patients)conjunctival hyperaemia, sensations of eye pain, swollen eyelids

Very rare (<0.1% of patients)changes in colour vision

A Happy Patient Shares His Experience

Access to doctors without a waiting room.

Connecting men like you to Australia's best Men's Health Doctors

Speak to the MOST caring and supportive doctors in the ED industry.

Discuss your situation and likely results. Finding the right doctor for men's health can be extremely difficult and time consuming. Our Treo Drs are the best in the industry.

Our goal is to fix your erectile dysfunction ASAP and long-term.

Exactly what you need. A realistic long term solution that gives you possibly the hardest erections and reduces your stress in the bedroom.

Our patients rate us highly.

We are dedicated to getting the best results for you, and we ONLY recommend therapies that we are confident will work. We guide you every step of the way

My Problem is...

There are so many variations of severity of Erectile Dysfunction. Please select one...

Our Patients LOVE this service!

"I am grateful that I found this service and stopped being so anxious about my health."

"Living in a small town, talking to my GP about such personal things was difficult. This service was what I needed"

"I was surprised it wasn't just pills in a box. I was given some invaluable advice about my life and general health."

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