About Treo

A holistic approach to men's health

Who We Are

Treo represents a three way treatment approach to erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.

We have recognised that the origin of erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation is not just physiological. Healthy sexual function also involves the mind. Our experiences with sex are never just biological, but a mix of emotions, insecurities and habits we have developed in our life. Sometimes, without the right guidance, erectile dysfunction can snowball into a really big problem that even medication is not effective. That's why Treo started. We are a men's health service that provides men a place to go to learn about their general health and wellbeing and the implications of their sexual life.

Our Approach

Sometimes a little blue pill can help in the moment. But often, the effects decrease over time. What then?

Erectile dysfunction is often the manifestation of years of dissapointment, insecurity, and trauma. Sometimes its just a phase. Either way, its an opportunity to learn about yourself both body and mind.

Erectile dysfunction can be a message that something isn't working in your life. It's not just about age. Treo really understands this as an issue, and join medication and psychology together to provide you a sustainable solution to erectile dysfunction.

Helping Men Grow

Times are changing. The expectations men place on themselves may have benefited society and themselves in the past - but this comes at a real cost. Treo are here to help men find new direction in their health and their life. We see erectile dysfunction as an opportunity to open up.

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